• Experience and participate in German cultural events and customs throughout the year such as Sankt Martin, Sankt Nikolaus, and Kinderfasching.
  • Develop the interest and joy for the German language. 
  • Furthering the child’s interest for the   German language.
  • Teaching concepts 
  • Cognitive – prepare students to read and  write in German.
  • Encourage social and creative aspects.




(for 3 – 4 yr old children)


Children learn the best while they are having fun and feeling comfortable. We have created an environment which invites them to try new things hands on. They learn to integrate themselves in a group and take on responsibility according to their age.

It is the goal of the Deutsche Schule Metro Detroit to offer the German language as well as German culture and German customs at an early age in an interesting and for children suitable kind and manner.

Our curriculum includes activities to promote and develop abilities of children:

During our circle time they are able to develop the ability to remember and the ability to memorize as well as learn attentiveness and cognition.

In our group activities the children learn through thoughtfulness and tolerance to fit in a group.
Integrated creative activities offer children possibility to become familiar with different materials and techniques. These activities are designed to stimulate creativity, imagination and fine motor skills. And there is enough time for individual exploration and social interaction.


Vorschule: Structure and Teaching Concept


Vorschule is designed so that students may achieve their individual learning goals and build upon these skills through our “hands on, theme oriented” concepts.

We carefully guide the children toward the standard German language, based on their individual aptitude. Our goalis to help students build upon and expand their use of the German language.

Students experience creative learning through the “Anlautmethode” so that they gain a certain amount of security and independence while speaking in German.

Our students are being prepared to read and write through storytelling, rhymes, songs and many other creative experiences. Other important aspects of learning such as refinement of social interaction and experiencing the culture and customs of Germany are an integral part of the well-rounded education that this program offers.