Class Structure and Concept for Grades 1 through 4


  • Curriculum: 
        All grades are based on the Bavarian Curriculum .
  • Concept: 
        Guided learning in traditional classroom settings, along with groups and creative learning stations.
  •  Weihnachtsfeier and Abschlussfeier
         Learning German plays, skits and songs.



Organizing the children into different age groups for the various levels, we introduce the concept of mixed-age classes.  Having children of different ages, eases the adjustment period from Vorschule to elementary level. 



As in Vorschule, the various learning stages of the children, such as speed of learning and ability to learn are both observed.  The mixed age groups promote fact-oriented and social learning.  The younger children are learning from the older ones and vice-versa.  The children experience cooperation instead of competition, despite their age differences they learn to respect and tolerate each other. 


We seek to create a positive atmosphere so that they feel competent and successful from the very beginning.  Our educational concept is built around the concept of “free learning”.  It is significant that independent learning and the interaction amongst the variety of tools available allow our children to experience the German language in a creative environment, through the use of the bavarian curriculum. 

All elementary classes are based on the bavarian curriculum.
Content is being offered and worked on in a multi-level basis in “groups”, “learning stations” and in “learning scenarios” (based on a specific topic).